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- Jasper is possibly one of the most recognisable solo act's out there, with the skill to turn a frown on any face up side down.

- Jasper has supported bands such as spider simpson, Nizlopi, Wheatus, Ocean colour scene and many more.

- Jasper loves you and wants you to love him too.

- For me, Music is like another arm, it'll be there when I wake up, when I go to work or college and it'll be there when I am asleep. It’s just how it is; I don’t think I could go through one day without Music.

- Music is your best friend! You can tell it everything and it'll help you to tell others. Every time I write a song it’s like writing in a book, you can always look back at what you've wrote and picture it all.

- Ive been writing music for quite a long time now. I've been in loads of bands and done a lot of live work. I've found that nothing is quit as challenging as playing my own music by myself and trying to get my points and views across to an audience with only my guitar to help me.

- These days I can say that I have done that many gigs in my musical life since that first gig, that my skill and performance on stage is somewhat professional, but at the same time, there’s such a thing as humor, which gets the better of me. So you get this sort of music life show mixed with a comedian. More than you paid for? Good! I aim to make people laugh, I aim to make people smile and I aim to show them good music while I’am doing it.